Dear Readers,

     Today I challenge you to be the “One” !!! 

As a business owner, Business Motivational Speaker and college instructor I meet people everyday who work hard but cannot unlock their potential. I have learned that everyone wants happiness and success but few people achieve both. The secret to unlocking your potential lies in learning from your past, forgiving yourself and others, learning to love yourself which is the foundation of building the confidence you will need for your career and your personal life.

Life will present trails and you will overcome obstacles if you ask for help, achieve balance and strive for self respect.  In the workplace you will be challenged and you will have to respond not react. If you strive to be that one person that your company cannot live without, your value will guide you to promotion and leadership. In your personal life if you strive to be the one person that your family cannot live without, you will be a foundation for love and happiness. 

Being the one, does not mean being perfect or being a pushover, it means being the one person that people can count on to help them grow and unlock their potential.  Over the years I found that people said, call Katherine she’s the one you need or call Miracle Resources they are the ones that can help.  Being the one in business means you are a resource, an expert, you are dependable. In your personal life it means you are the one who can provide, support, love and direction.

If you truly want to be the “one” you have to commit today to taking the oxygen before you help others. When you fly the flight attendant shows you putting on the oxygen mask on yourself then helping the person next to you.  Too many leaders give to others then burnout, promise me you will not be the person in your company or family who gives so much then burns out before you can achieve success and happiness. 

To be the one, means you are expectional and you are a leader. You will only achieve this by forgiving yourself, learning to love yourself, giving of yourself and committing to your continued education and personal growth. When tough times come please remember this quote that I wrote when I suffered a personal tragedy.

“Whatever you are going through use it, if you lose love learn to love yourself, if you are hurt help another, if you lose faith search to find it and always, always fight for your happiness.”

Wishing you all the very best,