Leaders who build something from nothing mirror Marshall after the tragedy that took 75 Marshall Fans, Coaches and Players.  The key to rebuilding their program is shown in my most admired leader Lynn Mizanin, Regional Director Valley College.  I have seen her use these strategies as she builds the Valley College Cleveland Campus. I gave her the movie Marshall (which she had never seen) so she can see in action what she does and what I ask all leaders to do to build Brand, Team and Revenue.

1. New approach:   Marshall’s football coach asked the Marshall University President how he asked his wife to marry him.  That question empowered the Marshall University President to take a new approach.  The President had been rejected by phone and letter by the NCAA. The new approach of visiting without appointment helped the President secure NCAA approval of Freshman to start on the Marshall Football team.  Ask yourself what do you need that you must try a new approach to secure success. My most admired leader Lynn Mizanin has a never give up approach and helps her team think differently to achieve success.

2. Empower with fun:  Marshall Football Coach Jack Lengyel celebrated each person’s success and made the process fun!  I love working with Lynn Mizanin because no matter the task or project we have fun building the colleges’ Brand, Team and Revenue.

3. Ask for help: In the movie “Marshall” the student football team captain, Nate Ruffin, pulled in the entire campus to push the board to a vote to continue the football program. As leaders we often try to fly solo to get what we need but we are stronger when we pull in help.  My most admired leader, Lynn Mizanin discovers talents through listening and then empowers her team.

4. Seek Unique Talent!   Coach Lengyel worked with what he had to build a team even recruiting students who had never played football before. The coach knew talent and new how to train unique talent.  Lynn Mizanin has recruited the best and these employers have stayed with her for decades.

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