Training?…The Solution? PROVE IT!

Pamela Glowski
Chief Operating Officer Miracle Resources & Certified Trainer
Brand+Team=Revenue National Training Program

For most organizations, and their key participants, the start to 2017 has left many feeling uncertain; questioning what lies ahead for their businesses and their futures.

In consulting with many of our clients, we are told that they are in constant chase to find that one,” just right” thing that is going to solve all the challenges and put them at the top of their game. Of course we all know that there isn’t ONE thing that will solve every problem in a company. That would be unrealistic. What we all really want, and are asking for, are the RIGHT tools, the RIGHT resources and the most RELEVANT info and data to move us consistently forward; getting us predictable RESULTS. We also want the guidance and the insights to find the right combinations that work for our culture.

So what is it?

What is it going to take to achieve the company vision, the team’s goals and the client’s needs?

What is it going to take to stand out ahead of all of the competition and keep up with the fast paced
business world we live in now?

What’s it going to take to attract and retain great talent?

What’s it going to take to build the brand, build the team and ultimately INCREASE REVENUE?

To be honest…the same thing it’s always took….INVESTMENT IN PEOPLE! 

Investment in people can mean many things, and from our point of view at Miracle Resources, based on our expertise, after working with 5,000 professionals to build their personal brand, and many corporations as their communication specialists as well as creating their marketing and advertising campaigns, and one of the best investments of your company dollars is in CUSTOMIZED, RELEVANT TRAINING of people. All of your people. To clarify, we help our clients build REVENUE by building awareness from TOP to BOTTOM of the organization.

We get IN IT with YOUR team. Our trainers don’t come with cookie-cutter presentations, talk for 50 minutes and move on, they interact with the audience to specifically work with their struggles, focusing on their desire for development and personal growth. If trainings are tailored, you have already increased your return on investment by increasing employee engagement. With this type of training you are giving more than 3 hours away from the desk and a continental breakfast! You are giving them the capabilities to THINK and ACT in support of their personal brands, while building the company brand. If they are building the company brand, your REVENUE is on the rise!

So what are the main reasons to invest in Organizational Training and Development? Or why at least do many seek our trainers for their teams?

Training can be designed for an entire organization, C-Level, a department, or even individuals like Managers, Customer Service Reps, etc. According to Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD from Authenticity Consulting, LLC’s recent article, Employee Training & Development: Reasons and Benefits, “When a performance appraisal indicates performance improvement is needed to “benchmark” the status of improvement so far in a performance improvement effort, as part of an overall professional development program…to “pilot”, or test, the operation of a new performance management system, to train a specific topic.”

Some of the topics listed in the same article are, “Communications, Customer Service, Diversity, Ethics, Human Relations, Qualitative Initiatives, Sexual Harassment.”

Miracle Resources, Nationwide Training & Development Program, Brand + Team = Revenue consists of 14 Steps which do include the above mentioned topics and MORE!!

Want to know who is investing in Training & Development and Why? Okay….

According to an article, 10 Companies with Awesome Training and Development Programs-Fast Track Your Way to the Corner Office by Applying for a job at a Company that Invests in its Employees written by Monster Contributor, Isabel Thottam:

1.) Amazon, with 245,000 employees worldwide, offers an intensive month-long training and leadership program prior to hire + more. The reason they offer the perks: “We want our employees to be owners from day one,” says Teal Pennebaker, Corporate Communications Manager, “so we train them to take ownership over products, and services that impact millions of customers. This helps them pioneer a career at Amazon”.

2.) AT&T, 280,000 employees worldwide, offers trainings because, “We can’t depend on just hiring and the traditional educational system as sources for retooling or finding new talent. We need employees who are ready to work in a competitive and more digital world,” says Marty Richter, Corporate Communications Manager. “We’re focused on aligning company leaders to strategic business innovation and results, skilling and re-skilling our 280,000 employees and inspiring a culture of conscious learning.”

3.) Randstad US, 5,300 corporate employees, offers training programs in the areas of certification, new manager skills, manager effectiveness, leadership development, communication and presentations skills plus mentoring and coaching programs. Why they offer the perk? “We value our employees and encourage their professional growth and career mobility within the organization, “says Michelle Prince, Senior Vice President and Talent Management. “Providing professional development to employees is an important part of their career success with Randstad.”

You get the picture! To read all 10 of the stories, view the article listed above.

So, you tried outside Trainers before and it really didn’t produce many results. We know!

And we know why…

Like mentioned at the beginning of this post, you need the RIGHT resources and the RIGHT data and info for your culture. We LISTEN and take the time to get to know your organization. You are the expert on your business, we’re the experts on training. That requires collaboration to achieve the common goal of increasing results, increasing employee engagement, employee motivation and ultimately revenue!

We take the time to collaborate with you and coach you through the decision making process of choosing what is going to be the best fit for your company and the best return on your training dollars. According to The Wall Street Journal Article, So Much Training, So Little to Show for It, written by Rachel Emma Silverman, on October 26, 2012, at 12:26pm ET, “US firms spent about $156 Billion on employee learning in 2011, the most recent data available, according to the American Society for
Training and Development. But with little practical follow up or meaningful assessments, some 90% of new skills are lost within a year, some research suggests.” With our Brand + Team = Revenue Trainers and Executives, we will help you choose the RIGHT trainings AND devise a metrics system to help you measure and USE the training info for the professional development of your staff.

According to Dr. Eduardo Salas, a professor of organizational psychology at the University of Central Florida who was interviewed for the above mentioned WSJ article, “There are a number of myths that organizations have about training. The first myth is if you send an unskilled employee to training, when they come back there is immediately a changed, improved, skilled worker. That is an erroneous assumptions, it is much more complex than that…..Organizations don’t take the time to analyze what their training needs are. This is simple. The first step in doing training is to do a training-needs analysis, figuring out who needs training and what kind.” Brand + Team = Revenue addresses this head on by sitting down with you as a trusted advisor, from our first communication. We want you to get results for you investment and make our recommendations with your budget in mind.

Choosing the RIGHT trainings is also a great attribute for the employee because, first of all, if it’s relevant to them, they will be engaged. If they are engaged, they will be motivated. If they are motivated, they will ACT and if they can see that what they have used, based on what they have learned, has impacted their performance and the overall company objectives, just try to stop them!! Confidence built in being able to see progress is priceless for a conscientious employee and a sure way to insure future success!

I don’t really need to bring in Trainers, with all the stuff on the Internet, I’ll just buy a few of those and let that be the end of it…


If you’ve ever peaked around a corner while someone is left in a room to do compliance training or safety training on pre-recorded or online programs, you know exactly why this is a mistake. The employee will not pay attention, they will not have interaction and they REALLY aren’t learning anything.

According to Dr. Salas again from that WSJ article mentioned above, “Companies believe that technology will solve all training problems. They think that a mobile app or computer games are the solution to learning. A simulation by itself isn’t’ enough. You also need very clear and precise learning objectives, clear feedback, a form of measurement or assessment and regular opportunities to practice and get feedback.”

Our Brand + Team= Revenue Trainers and Coaches do not have to be a “one and done” deal. We offer programs that can be done once or we can build out a customized plan for your company to include monthly trainings to include one or all of the 14 modules. We also offer our services in Coaching. We do have Certified Coaches with specialties in Human Capital, Sales, Executive, Leadership and Business Coaching. Coaching can be done for a group or for individuals.

So what’s it really all worth to you?

I think you have seen the impact that having a “culture of learning” has on the type of talent you can attract, the awareness and engagement of your teams, the willingness of those team members to emotionally invest themselves in to your company and your vision.

Turn-over in any company is expensive. And many times, unnecessary. With training and development offered to your team, you can increase the odds of an employee’s overall success tremendously. I have seen quotes of the cost of losing an employee in the first 6 months to a year anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the salary of the individual.

Training also insures that your team members know that you care about them, their goals and their success. Brands are built from the inside, out. What better reviews could you get than that of happy employees? When employees feel valued, they will do extra-ordinary things to see their team, management, executives and the entire company thrive! That is a sure boost to revenue!

Happy employee are less apt to create legal issues and are certainly less apt to jump on to Social Media and shout from the mountain tops if you will.

A company with a great reputation inside and out, sells more stuff. Sell more stuff, Increase revenue!

Training also is going to help you move toward your intended goals more quickly. Does your organization have a Team Charter? This one training alone could make you more money in 2017! If you leave it to the masses to try and figure everything out on their own, without organization, accountability steps and clearly defined roles, you have money just waiting on the outside of your door with no invitation in!! That colossal waste of time, resources, and dollars, does not have to be lost. Get the training on how to welcome those much needed dollars in your door!

I could really go on and on about the benefits, but let’s save that for when we have coffee, Okay?

The bottom line….BRAND + TEAM = REVENUE…..the RIGHT tools, the RIGHT resources and the most RELEVANT info and data to move us consistently forward; getting you predictable RESULTS. It’s the solution, insights, knowledge and peace of mind you have been looking for!