By Katherine Miracle
Value Proposition
“understanding your target market”

Building a brand means stating your promise to your customers/clients.  To build your brand you must know your value proposition.  The following exercises will help you know your value to your market and why your products/services are needed.  A brand is a promise and it is a trust between you and your customers/clients.  Know your business, believe in your business and you are ready to sell your products/services.

Please answer the following:

  • What is the real problem you are solving for you customer/clients?
  • What are the causes of their problem?

Do you offer?

  • Do you offer a new product or service?
  • Do you offer a better solution or product than what is currently offered?
  • Do you help an underserved or a new market?
  • Do you have a unique system to deliver or distribute products or services?
  • Do you provide integration of products and services?  If so, how?

Do you have a clear Strategic Position and Consistent Business Focus?

  • How is your company different from other companies?
  • How will you maintain consistency as you grow?
  • How do you build trust and relationships with customers?
  • What is your vision?

When you can answer these questions then ask yourself are you communicating based on how your client communicates?  Do they respond by text, e-mail or phone?  For success you must communicate your value proposition in the way your client wants to communicate.  Don’t just ask for business show how you can help your client succeed.  Your value proposition makes you credible and shows how you can help your client!