Speaking Contract

Katherine Miracle Speaker Requirements

Seminar Title/Topic (Please choose from the list below)

Katherine Miracle presents on the following topics:

Advertising and Branding

  • Advertising and promotions to increase revenue


  • Creating a successful business plan
  • Respect yourself, Respect your career

Self Improvement

  • Creating an effective mentoring program
  • Creating your personal code of ethics
  • Leadership development
  • Life balance
  • Motivation
  • Power of positive attitude
  • Overcoming stress
  • Preventing a personal crisis


  • Engaging your target market
  • Power marketing: Marketing that drives awareness and revenue
  • Event marketing
  • Power networking
  • Top selling techniques
  • Building a social network
  • Effective ways to market using social media


  • Event accounting
  • Event management
  • Event marketing
  • Fundraising that generates awareness and new revenue
  • Special event fundraising

Public Relations

  • Power public relations
  • Building relationships with media





Sessions for Female Leaders

Building Strong Alliances- Successful strategies for working with men

Building Strong Alliances- Successful strategies for working with women

Mentors that help you grow

Exclusive alliances VS. Free agent approach

Stop missing the message!

Discovering Your Dawn  (motivation, inspiration and power of positive attitude)

Katherine shares the mistakes she made during a time of tragedy in an effort to help others prevent personal crisis. Using real life examples, she makes her experience one that others can relate to. This presentation impacts college students because it is about the loss that she experienced when two of her close friends and sorority sisters were murdered.

Katherine has written a book about this topic. It is called “Discovering Your Dawn” published by Advantage Media.

Why this presentation is important for students: College Students report feeling increased stress and sometimes will not ask for help in times of crisis. Student audience testimonials show that students listen to a speaker/college instructor who has survived tragedy and can help them prevent a crisis.

The topics in the presentation include:

  • Creating your own personal/professional code of ethics
  • Dealing with relationship issues
  • Eliminating pride
  • Eliminating the fear of success
  • Moving away from negativity
  • Not recognizing the danger of jealousy
  • Preventing stress from controlling your life
  • Recognizing emotional abuse and verbal abuse
  • Releasing dependence on others
  • Stopping self doubt
  • Study tips for stressed out students
  • The dangers of accepting others view of what is beautiful
  • Understanding addiction
  • Understanding guilt

Katherine’s hope is to help people through her book, public speaking and sharing the Code of Personal Ethics that she developed for her life during a time of tragedy.

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