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Get What You Want!!!

Do you want a promotion, a new client or to know what career is best for you? You want to live to your desired level of success, but you feel like you have to constantly brag & push to make it happen, so let me ask you, Do you hate shameless self- promotion? We do too! In a world where it seems you have to scream the loudest to be heard, we say… stop the insanity!!! You have to know yourself and you ...

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3 Things Leaders Do That Kill the Company’s Brand, Team and Revenue!

Unrealistic, Hubris and Ego Manic. These are the words you may hear in describing bad leaders but lets find out the truth. The leader who has unrealistic goals and high turnover. The truth is they believe they have not found the right person for the job. Because this leader buys into their vision, not a team vision, the leader always has to move on to new people.  Team vision via Team charters out performs ...

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