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The story I do not want to share but it is time to be honest on why Wednesday meant so much!

Unable to speak to “Best Speaker  CBC Magazine  CCA Awards ” The story Katherine Miracle never wanted to tell Someone’s past can be a shadow to their success. Katherine Miracle tried to hide her illness in junior high but as her eyelid began to droop, her speech became slurred and at moments she could not speak or even breathe well she could not hide anymore.  Why hide an il ...

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Three quick tips to increase your revenue

Three quick tips to increase your revenue   Tip 1   Purpose and Proof- When you network or talk with customers/ clients tell your purpose and prove you can do it!      Example when asked what do you do or what is your story-  "As a marketer I increase revenue for our clients, our largest customer told me our marketing strategy increased sales by 65%."   Make ...

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