Dear Readers, 

Thank you for checking in on my blog.  I have been busy helping my daughter move to her dorm at The University of Akron.  Sorry I have not posted in awhile but please know this site records your e mail when you view

the blog so I will send an e mail to stay in touch!  This past weekend was difficult, our house seems so empty without Kayla but we are so happy for her.  My inspiration is remembering when my parents helped me move in

to The University of Akron and how excited I was to begin college.

In college I found my very best friend,  professors who believed in me and inspired me and administrators who hired me as a student and taught me my best lessons in leadership.  As an

inspirational speaker I use tools and resources that help audience members change their life.  My research has led to best practises and the best tools based on your audiences needs.  I listen to the needs of the event

planner and gather information on what the audience members are facing so I can provide tools and resources that motivate, inspire and energize.  

As you enjoy today please inspire someone, encourage someone and journal so you remember the moments that inspired you!