You know the story,  workplace disagreements, gossip, negetivity, rumours, backstabbing and lack of teamwork.  Why would anyone want to go to work with these issues plus dealing with personal issues?  As a corporate motivational speaker I am hired to work with corporations to provide tools, resources and motivation to increase revenue and productivity.  When I meet with the staff and leadership team I learn about issues that are personal and professional.  The stress in the workplace is created by issues that are left unresolved.  Many corporations try to work on the issues internally but need outside help from an objective corporate motivational speaker.  The interactive and fun approach my team has created, addresses how to benefit from the power of positive attitude, stopping negativity, creating a communication plan that engages all stakeholders, ending the gossip circles, accepting accountability practices and creating a personal code of ethics.  The fun and engaging seminar provides the entire workplace with a comfortable setting that leads to team work that leads to a peaceful, productive and engaging workplace.