Sadly, it happens all the time and it recently happened to me. Without sharing the name of the store, I can tell you that the comment made to me is a bias based on my appearance.

Truly, sometimes it happens because the person is unaware that it is wrong to say and sometimes it is said with ill intent. (Hurting people, Hurt people) It has happened before and I used to get upset but now I provide a solution.

Instead of submitting a concern that will never be answered you can take action that will truly make a difference.

If you want to share your story join the conversation at Face Book Communication Concierge and take action! Direct message me so I can have the communication concierge and the Brand+Team=Revenue National Training Team provide training for the staff that committed the poor treatment.

Our team will help the staff discover new ways to communicate and uncover bias. Our system will help them stop assuming and instead become inquisitive to meet customers needs.