Check out this new title, Marketing and Motivation CZAR. One of our clients called me the Marketing and Motivation Czar and I was grateful.  I never would think to give myself that title.  I am blessed with clients and staff that inspire me and I am thankful I can help them.

 As a university speaker, I speak on securing mentors and positivepeople in your life but most importantly, finding out what holds you back or what I call your shadow.  I let my shadow hold me back from success and happiness too long and I call my truth about this, my Dawn.  My book “Discovering Your Dawn” is a story of love, friendship, tragedy and hope.  

Please know how grateful I am to you for reading this blog and my book. I never imagined the impact the book would have I just knew I wanted to help people.  At our first book signing January 16th I was shocked over 125 people attended and I signed books from 12:40 to 4pm  it was amazing. 

I really wanted the book signing to be more networking and I wanted to interact with everyone not sit behind a table and sign books but Barnes  and Nobles was packed because my staff marketed the event so well. As a top motivational speaker I want to give my best to everyone I meet and I did not get to spend the time I wanted with each guest so my friend Tom Stephens is hosting the next event.

We are having the second book signing Feb 6th at Liberty Tax in Wadsworth at 1:30pm  this event should be smaller and I will get a chance to talk to everyone.

My book “Discovering Your Dawn”  was written to help people unlock their potential and I am hearing from people across the United States and now from other countries that the book is life changing.  I am so thankful the book helps people that was my goal.  I just want readers of this blog to know  that this book was hard to write and the journey contained many tears. To make an impact I had to share my mistakes and show the reader the reality of my bad choices.  I did not want to publish this book but so many people came to me that needed the book that I could not turn my back on the truth. I begged God so I did not have to publish but he had other plans.  I have learned to trust God and not push my own agenda, please know that is a daily struggle but I love God and trust his will for my life. As a christian speaker I am not perfect and I am a sinner like all of us. I just want you to know that I am trying to be a help to God.

I hope “Discovering Your Dawn” helps you and you share it with anyone who needs it.  The book benefits three charities and I want to thank each of you for inspiring me to get the courage to publish.  Jasmine wrote a nice note to me and I wanted to share that if you want to find me on twitter I am katherinemiracl    no e on the last name.  Jasmine thank you for inspiring me. 

I love marketing and motivating people and businesses to unlock their potential and I hope to see you Feb 6th for our second book signing!