Why do you let fear stop your success? As you learn from your past, do you see moments and opportunities that you regret not pursuing? Learn from them! As a university guest speaker I see that your fear of failing prevented your success and often your happiness. If you had tried and failed, you would have at least learned something, improved for your next attempt and had no regret. If you do not try you will not learn, you will not grow and you carry regret…you just push yourself away from what you want. During the time I was writing “Discovering Your Dawn”, I learned that I should have been there for my friend’s families but I was afraid it would upset the family to hear from me. When we reconnected in 2008, it was a time of healing for the family and me. This healing changed my life and I stopped holding myself back and saw my true potential. My next step was to ask for forgiveness from all the people I hurt during a time of tragedy. I was afraid and many tears flowed about how I should I ask for forgiveness or should I just bury all the pain. The ask to each person built new relationships, cleared up assumptions and healed the past. I struggled with forgiving the men that killed my friends and I knew it was unsafe to meet with them, just like some people you cannot have a relationship with but by forgiving them, you can move on and not give them power to hurt you. When I work with audience members as a christian speaker I hear of relationships that are unsafe and people we need to remove from our lives or maintain a distance.  If someone hurts you and you can forgive them and grow a healthy relationship that is amazing. But I have to acknowledge as a Corporate Motivational Speaker I have seen times when people cannot have a relationship. Sometimes we fear moving away from unhealthy relationships but that contains a risk of continued unhappiness, unhealthy behavior and loss of self.

When we fear, we let the fear dominate our actions. I know each decision I made could have a positive and sometimes negative effect. I finally decided that my book may bring up painful memories and it may hurt someone but the thousands of people who have read the book and share that it has helped them let me know I made the right decision. I knew I would have to pay a price for writing “Discovering Your Dawn” and I had to face my fear to show my past and my mistakes in an effort to help people unlock their potential. I used to be afraid to let my scar show and to talk about my friends who were murdered. I realized that my scar is a symbol that my parents love me. My parents made the decision to have an experimental surgery that no one knew would work. My parent’s decision saved my life, what if my parents chose to fear and I did not have that surgery? My friend’s murders have defined who they are and this year I have decided that is not acceptable. I am not afraid anymore because people need to know who my friends were and how important their lives are. My motivational speaking  and my book shows how my friends helped me and our other friends. I will not let fear stop our story from helping people. If you choose to not fear you can have what you desire, enjoy success and even if you fail, you will have no regret because you tried. Sometimes not everyone is happy with your risk but as you consider the risk consider the reward for you and for others. Fear can dominate your life…how long are you willing to let fear hold you back?