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What would you do if you were treated poorly at a store or restaurant?

Sadly, it happens all the time and it recently happened to me. Without sharing the name of the store, I can tell you that the comment made to me is a bias based on my appearance.  Truly, sometimes it happens because the person is unaware that it is wrong to say and sometimes it is said with ill intent. (Hurting people, Hurt people) It has happened before and I used to get upset but now I provide a solu ...

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Do you use your Turn Signal? What are you really communicating? 2 quick tips to help you get what you want!

D2 Count how many times in one day you see people not using their turn signal.  These drivers are not communicating what they plan to do.  Guess how many accidents they cause, it will be revealed at the end of this article.   Now ask yourself what am I communicating?   Sadly, we cannot observe our actions as quickly as others do.   The story of a professiona ...

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