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The tools and resources behind inspiration by Katherine Miracle your inspirational speaker

Dear Readers,  Thank you for checking in on my blog.  I have been busy helping my daughter move to her dorm at The University of Akron.  Sorry I have not posted in awhile but please know this site records your e mail when you view the blog so I will send an e mail to stay in touch!  This past weekend was difficult, our house seems so empty without Kayla but we are so happy for her.  My inspiration is rememb ...

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Help your workplace increase revenue and productivity by hiring a corporate motivational speaker

You know the story,  workplace disagreements, gossip, negetivity, rumours, backstabbing and lack of teamwork.  Why would anyone want to go to work with these issues plus dealing with personal issues?  As a corporate motivational speaker I am hired to work with corporations to provide tools, resources and motivation to increase revenue and productivity.  When I meet with the staff and leadership team I learn ...

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Are you exceptional? question from Katherine your marketing and sales speaker

My passion is marketing and I love working with businesses and non profits to increase revenue.  As a marketing and sales speaker I help people brand themselves to find jobs and to build business. Sometimes people confuse marketing with mass messages instead of helping customers and clients fall in love with your product or service.  Think about two people you know who sell the same product.  One sales pers ...

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All Motivational Speakers are not the Same

Top Motivational Speakers provide content that offers resources, tools and inspiration!   As a speaker I see the power of my words so I choose them carefully.  I work with audience members on confidence, balance and using their past with their passion to create their future.  Contact me and we can discuss the best ways to motivate your team. ...

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