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Jump Start Your Ohio Job Search

WHAT YOU KNOW NOW WILL NOT GET YOU YOUR NEXT JOB . . . . . . ON AUGUST 20th YOU’LL LEARN THE NETWORKING AND JOB SEARCH SECRETS THAT WILL ACCELERATE YOUR PATH TO YOUR NEXT JOB! Due to popular demand, on August 20th four local networking and “connecting” experts will share their job search secrets at a workshop with strategies, tools and tactics to help any job searcher find their next position. Attendees wil ...

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Are you resilient?  Do you honestly look at the failures in your life and learn from them?  When I work with corporations, the CEO or Vice President will often tell me that their people need motivation and I am hired to motivate, inspire and provide resources. What I often find is that people do not use their past or their failures as a source of motivation. I teach them to look at how we, as a society, mot ...

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