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Make Marketing work for you in 2010 by Katherine Miracle Marketing Speaker

Making Marketing work for you!  “We can learn from advertising techniques to inspire and motivate us in 2010” by Katherine Miracle, Marketing  Keynote Speaker Each year I select a campaign slogan for the upcoming year, I base my selection on what I need to accomplish and my current situation.   2010            Whatever it takes!             Why I chose it: I have new products that I must push and  ask my co ...

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Mentors unlock your potential by University Speaker Katherine Miracle

Mentors unlock your potential by  University Speaker Katherine Miracle Mentors provide knowledge, contacts and support for Mentees.  The successful mentor relationships have the mentee and mentor helping each other. Mentors provide inspiration, share quotes and recommend books that will help you grow personally and professionally.  My mentors have opened doors for me and helped me make connections that have ...

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Inspiration and Motivation by Katherine Miracle, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Inspiration and Motivation: “the tools Leaders use to build future leaders” by Katherine Miracle, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker The tool of forgiveness is the bridge that brings teams together.  “Forgiveness is the secret weapon” Nelson Mandela  Accountability shapes your leadership style, knowing you will stand behind your decisions helps your team buy into your vision. “I am the master of my fate ...

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Marketing and Motivation help you increase revenue and awareness

Stop Marketing....Start Motivating.... your clients and customers are being hit with so many messages from your competition that they are wondering which choice is best for them.  Your clients and customers will only become a raving fan of your product or service if you motivate them to buy your product.  I know your thinking,  Katherine owns Miracle Resources, a marketing firm!  How can she say I should mo ...

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Exceptional teamwork requires motivation, goals and resources

Tis the, giving, goodwill and to all readers I am blessed to have your support and prayer as I recover from surgery.  I am stronger everyday and being in the hospital I saw exceptional team work that I am thankful for this holiday season.  As you consider the holidays and how you will interact with family, friends and co-workers at holiday parties you may be experiencing apprehension and have ...

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Marketing Strategist explains the secret to interactive marketing

Interactive Marketing Best Practices by Katherine Miracle, President, Miracle Resources   SEM and SEO are often the focus of most campaigns when sadly the bigger issue of branding and power words are lost in the strategy discussions. The best interactive campaigns begin with the most important purpose of any marketing campaign, that purpose is to help your clients and customers fall in love with your produc ...

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Keynote Speakers who have done it, teach it and help you succeed at it! by Katherine Miracle, your keynote speaker

As a Keynote Speaker I have the honor to share from experience the realities of being a business owner, college instructor and marketing professional.  Clients tell me that the audience members need tools, resources and motivation.  The experiences I share are often from the success or failure of one of my companies products and the lessons are tough but they can help others.  As an entrepreneur I have expe ...

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The tools and resources behind inspiration by Katherine Miracle your inspirational speaker

Dear Readers,  Thank you for checking in on my blog.  I have been busy helping my daughter move to her dorm at The University of Akron.  Sorry I have not posted in awhile but please know this site records your e mail when you view the blog so I will send an e mail to stay in touch!  This past weekend was difficult, our house seems so empty without Kayla but we are so happy for her.  My inspiration is rememb ...

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Help your workplace increase revenue and productivity by hiring a corporate motivational speaker

You know the story,  workplace disagreements, gossip, negetivity, rumours, backstabbing and lack of teamwork.  Why would anyone want to go to work with these issues plus dealing with personal issues?  As a corporate motivational speaker I am hired to work with corporations to provide tools, resources and motivation to increase revenue and productivity.  When I meet with the staff and leadership team I learn ...

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