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Increasing Your Passion and Productivity

 Increasing your Passion and Productivity   As a business motivational speaker, I was asked to explain how passion leads to productivity.  I shared a story about a student who had tremendous talent but was numb to learning. The student had not found his passion.  As a corporate motivational speaker I meet employees who have lost their passion and become frustrated.  I am blesse ...

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What motivates you? by Katherine Miracle your Motivation/Marketing Speaker

Dear Reader,        Thank you for reading my blog.  I wish you all the very best this memorial day weekend.  As we thank those who gave their lives for our country and remember those we have lost, I ask you to remember the lives, not the deaths of those you mourn. When my friends were ripped from my life the words and stories about their murders paralyzed me with fear and sent me into a tail spin. Only when ...

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Stop Marketing, Start Motivating

Dear Friends,       Thank you for reading this blog and please know you are invited as my guest to the Garfield Hts. Chamber Luncheon May 19th  Let me know by e mailing me at and I will get you in! I am speaking on my next book, "Stop Marketing, Start Motivating" I will be sharing marketing strategy that is proven to increase revenue and awareness. As a motivational marketing firm, m ...

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Impossible “an excuse for not trying”

Dear Readers,      Thank you for your support!  This past week I was blessed to speak April 29th on the power of positive attitude and discovering your dawn at a book signing in North Olmsted.    On April 27th I was interviewed by WDOK 102.1 fm, Cleveland about my book Discovering Your Dawn.  My mentor Terry Moir, helped me through this interview and I am so grateful to her.  The questions surrounded the ti ...

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Meeting Planners

Dear Meeting Planners, You work hard and you deserve a speaker who will entertain, motivate, educate and engage your audience! Katherine is a marketing and motivational speaker who provides new ideas, resources and fun for your event. As a motivational speaker, Katherine helps people unlock their potential and challenges your event attendees to be exceptional. As a marketing speaker, Katherine challenges bu ...

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See you February 6th 1:30pm at Liberty Tax 104 High Street WadsworthThank you to my readers I am blessed! by Katherine Miracle, your marketing and motivation czar

Check out this new title, Marketing and Motivation CZAR. One of our clients called me the Marketing and Motivation Czar and I was grateful.  I never would think to give myself that title.  I am blessed with clients and staff that inspire me and I am thankful I can help them.  As a university speaker, I speak on securing mentors and positivepeople in your life but most importantly, finding out what holds you ...

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Why do you let fear stop your success from Motivational Speaker Katherine Miracle

Why do you let fear stop your success? As you learn from your past, do you see moments and opportunities that you regret not pursuing? Learn from them! As a university guest speaker I see that your fear of failing prevented your success and often your happiness. If you had tried and failed, you would have at least learned something, improved for your next attempt and had no regret. If you do not try you wil ...

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Confidence your secret weapon by Katherine Miracle, top business motivational speaker

Do you know the secret weapon that can help you in 2010?  Confidence is your tool to overcome obstacles andas a christian speaker I share my testimony and my times of no confidence and I am blessed that my story helps people.  In business motivational speaking I am finding audiences are more open about their struggles than I have seen in the past. The economy, increased debt and relationship issues have mad ...

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